Sebastien Rousseau


Blockchain, the technology that matters in 2018

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A story of the extraordinary journey of securing digital transactions through Private-key Cryptography and Peer-to-peer (P2P) networks.

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Blockchain, one of the underlying technologies which has helped to drive the startling growth of cryptocurrencies, is already disrupting a huge spectrum of businesses, financial services and capital markets.

Like no other technology, Blockchain is rapidly transforming the way we do business and transact, making the necessary data more immediately available, transparent and secure. Its influence has infiltrated every aspect of business and routine operations in the like of internal regulatory functions, regulatory compliance and regulatory filings etc.

The real breakthrough with Blockchain is its ability to provide the basis for running truly distributed applications that eliminates the need for a central authority validation creating a true peer to peer economy.

In following chapters we’ll start unwrapping the many layers of its technology and use cases.